Blood Pressure Alarms

To keep your heart intact, keep normal blood pressure

There is an integrated relation between your normal blood pressure and heart rate. Blood pressure is the force of blood that it receives from the heart and exerts on the walls of the arteries while circulating in your body. A normal blood pressure indicates that your heart is in sound condition without any trouble, so, the normal heart rate means it is working in the natural rhythm of contraction and relaxation.

According to Heart Lung and Blood Institute (NHLBI) of the National Institutes of Health (NIH), a normal blood pressure is read as 120/800 mm Hg of which the numerator is called the systolic pressure and the denominator is called diastolic blood pressure. The systolic pressure is experienced when the heart compresses and blood is forced out from your heart to the arteries. The systolic pressure is experienced by the arteries when the heart rests.

Blood pressure is the prime indicator of a healthy heart. That’s why the digital or automatic blood pressure displays both blood pressure and heart rate at a time enabling you to know about your heart as well. Normal blood pressure and heart rate assure you a healthy life ahead. It is, therefore, advisable that you keep your blood pressure normal.

In case of abnormal blood pressure, the heart too works abnormally and you are at high risk of your cardiovascular life. High blood pressure means your heart is working too hard to send blood to the arteries. In this condition, the blood vessels may have all the possibilities of being burst out or you may suffer from a stroke or heart failure. Low blood pressure signals your heart is working slower than normal rate which also creates complications like syncope or faintness.

Besides heart rate, the abnormal blood pressure also shows vital signs of disorder in respiratory rate and body temperature. For all these reasons, you should always take care of your blood pressure and keep a track of it.