National High Blood Pressure Education Program

The National High Blood Pressure Education Program (NHBPEP) was established in 1972. It is a cooperative effort among professional and voluntary health agencies, state health departments and many community groups. The prime goal of the National High Blood Pressure Education Program is to eradicate high blood pressure related deaths and disability. It runs programs of professional, patient and public education to create awareness. For further details, read.

The NHBPEP plans to achieve the heart disease and stroke Healthy People 2010 objectives for the whole US. Different strategies are being followed to achieve the program. It plans at developing and disseminating stimulating educational materials and programs that are grounded in a strong science base as well as developing partnerships among the program participants. It has advised a proper diet for high blood pressure. Also, you have to regularly keep blood pressure information about blood pressure readings, in the form of blood pressure units and blood pressure charts so that you can have perfect blood pressure medication or high blood pressure medicine.

The effectiveness of the NHBPEP can be measured in several ways. Public knowledge of high blood pressure has increased dramatically. Today, more than three-fourths of the population know about the relationship between heart rate and blood pressure and hypertension and stroke.