Welch Allyn Blood Pressure cuff

Welch Allyn is a leader in medical diagnostic equipment and provides a wide range of innovative products that are a boon for health care workers throughout the world.

The company is well known for making durable sphygmomanometers. As you know the sphygmomanometer is a traditional device used for blood pressure measurement and there is a cuff attached to it. The function of cuff is to hold and maintain grip on the hand of the patient whose blood pressure has to be measured. The cuff designed by Welch Allyn is not only convenient and easy to use but is also innovative in design. It is convenient because it does not require any replacement or cleaning.

The Welch Allyn cuff is manufactured by an automated process that ensures a superior and consistent quality. It is also very economical. Some of the features of the Welch Allyn cuff set it apart from other competing brands.

The Welch Allyn cuff can be used with spot check device, vital sign monitors and critikon monitor. It is made of nylon which is not only lighter but stronger than the materials used in traditional cuffs. It works very well with the inflatable bladder.
This cuff is designed as one single piece and its results are very accurate and reliable. It has markings on the upper part that can be adjusted to different sizes.

The Welch Allyn cuff is antimicrobial and prevents any sort of skin infections that may be passed on from one patient t another. This cuff is available in different dimensions that are suitable for infants, small children, adolescents, or adults.

Moreover Welch Allen cuffs can be used on a wide variety of different blood pressure devices, whether electronic or manual. Due to these convenient features most users of BP monitors that use cuffs or doctors prefer the Welch Allyn cuff. It is very moderately priced and economical.