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Keep An Eye On Your Blood Pressure
Does your blood pressure fluctuate too often? Use an electric blood pressure monitor to keep a tab.
Control That Anger To Control Your Blood Pressure
Anger is one of the most common causes of high blood pressure. So, if you wish that your blood pressure stays in control, make sure that you learn to tame your anger.
Does Anxiety Cause High BP?
High blood pressure is a cause of concern for many different reasons. Research has indicated a link between elevated blood pressure levels and everyday anxiety.
The Very Best Ideas For Modern Healthy Living
There's no denying the fact that modern living with 24x7 deadlines and pressure is taking a toll on folks, making them overlook their total health.
Oral Contraceptive Pills And Your Blood Pressure
Oral contraceptive pills may have a risk of increased high blood pressure which can be monitored by a specialist, observing the records over a period of time.
Salt Restrictions For BP Patients
Salt has often been linked with the problem of high blood pressure. If you too are dealing with the problem, then it is important that you keep your salt intake in control.
Jog To Keep Your Blood Pressure In Control
Regular physical activity is a must if you wish to keep your blood pressure in control. One of the best activities that you can indulge in is jogging. Jogging is a low impact exercise that works out your body without causing excessive strain.
The Relationship Between Vitamin D And Blood Pressure
Vitamin D has always been associated with the formation of healthy bones and teeth, something that has absolutely no connection with blood pressure.
Adopt A Healthy Lifestyle To Fight High Blood Pressure
High blood pressure has become a matter of concern for many. Approximately 50 million people in the United States alone are suffering from the problem.
Cut Down On Sugary Drinks To Lower Your Blood Pressure
You do not have to try too hard to keep your blood pressure in control. There are several simple things like reducing your intake of sweetened drinks that can aid in lowering BP.
Top 10 myths about high blood pressure
Despite high blood pressure being a common health problem, there are only a select few who know the truth about it. Below we take a look at some common myths concerning high BP.
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