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Symptoms of Low Blood Pressure
Blood pressure is generally defined as the pressure exerted by blood against the arteries of a human body.
What Are Common Causes And Symptoms Of Low Blood Pressure?
Are you feeling like fainting, half dying all of sudden? Watch out, these symptoms could be alarming. This could be due to low blood pressure. But how would you find if you have low BP.
How To Raise Blood Pressure
Know more about low blood pressure, common causes of low blood pressure and the effective treatments for the same.
Know About Low Blood Pressure
Low blood pressure or hypotension is a condition that is characterized by a lower than normal blood pressure in the blood vessels. Normal blood pressure is defined as 120/80 and if a person’s blood pressure is lower than the normal, the person may be suffering from this condition.
Low Blood Pressure: An Overview
When BP is low, there is not sufficient flow of blood to deliver enough oxygen and food to vital organs such as brain and kidney. This can result in complete damage of vital organs.
Low Should Diastolic Pressure Go
"low should diastolic pressure go", Confused. It means low diastolic pressure indicates low blood pressure in the walls of the arteries.
What Are The Symptoms of Low Blood Pressure?
Blood pressure is the pressure that blood exerts on the arterial walls when it is being pumped by the heart. When blood pressure exceeds the normal range, the condition is known as high blood pressure or hypertension.
A Synopsis On Low Blood Pressure
With healthy diet, proper exercising and modification in lifestyle, low blood pressure can be easily prevented. As for the treatment, you may or may not require to meet your doctor.
Know It All About Orthostatic Hypotension
Orthostatic hypotension refers to the falling of blood pressure levels as a result of change in the posture.
Low Diastolic Blood Pressure
Low diastolic pressure measures the pressure of the heart between resting of the beats.
The Basics Of Low Blood Pressure
Low blood flow means low deliverance of oxygen and nutrients to vital organs such as the brain, heart, and kidney. In such a case, the first organ to malfunction is the brain. 
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