BP Monitor

Blood Pressure Monitor

Monitoring your blood pressure has become quite easy with so many blood pressure monitors in the market. But the best kinds of monitors which are easy for self-operation are digital blood pressure monitors. These are machines that read your blood pressure automatically. Usually, it’s been seen that the wrist monitors don't offer precise results like the arm monitors.

Some of the common blood pressure monitors:

Manual Sphygmomanometers
These are not self-help monitors. These are mostly used by the professional doctors or nurses to check the blood pressure. It has two versions. One is called the mechanical and the other is called manometer.

In the mechanical version of monitor, you need the help of a stethoscope to check the beep of the pulse in your arteries. While in the manometer, you have to see the beep of mercury fluctuation in the glass rod with mercury levels. These types of machines need very expert handling.

Digital blood pressure monitor
These are modern, efficient and self-help blood pressure monitors that can automatically read the blood pressure. All you have to do is wear the cuffs as per the instructions and tighten them around your wrist or arm. The sensors will routinely detect the systolic and diastolic pressure and will display the readings on the screen. You can keep the records in the memory of the machine itself and later on check again and compare the differences of rise and fall in your blood pressure.