BP Monitor

Home blood pressure monitor – A Prized Possession

There are a number of blood pressure monitors that may be used at home without any trouble, among them, three types of blood pressure monitors are available - mercury, aneroid and digital. The digital monitors have some advantages over the other form of blood pressure monitors- they are easy to use, the cuffs can be put easily and they can give error free accurate readings of your blood pressure. Mostly people use digital monitor as home blood pressure monitor. Let’s have a look at the various home based blood pressure monitors from the reputed manufacturers in US.

Omron home blood pressure monitors: For home use, they are one of the leading manufacturers of blood pressure monitors manufacturing all sorts of blood pressure monitors for home use, from manual to automatic inflation as well as wrist monitors. The monitors from Omron have wide range of features that can meet the various needs of the customers. Omron monitors have exclusive IntelliSense™ technology that gives the accurate readings of your blood pressure. They are compact and easy to carry and the memory storage capacity is of an average of 60-90 readings along with date and time.

Lifesource blood pressure monitors: They produce both digital and manual stethoscope operated blood pressure monitors for home. They also have wrist blood pressure monitors. Lifesource is another reliable and validated manufacture of blood pressure monitors that can be used at home. The best part of these monitors is that they provide lifetime warranty. Some of the models also carry the feature of reading the irregular heart beat.

Mark of Fitness blood pressure monitors: The manufacturers provide with a variety of devices which have different features including measuring heart rate, fat percentage along with body mass index. The monitors are also clinically proven of their accuracy.

There are several other manufacturers which introduce an assortment of home blood pressure monitors like DELWA, VSM MedTech etc.