BP Monitor

Just insert your finger in this blood pressure monitor!

Keeping a track of your blood pressure is an essential part of blood pressure management. There was a time when you had to visit your doctor to get the readings of your blood pressure and he used the manual device called sphygmomanometer to know your blood pressure level. Now the scenario has changed and you have the most advanced forms of blood pressure measuring devices that help you to do the task all by yourself at home. There are digital as well as automatic blood pressure monitors that can be used on arms, wrists as well as fingers to check the pressure of blood in arteries. The one which is gaining popularity day by day is the finger blood pressure monitor.

In the finger blood pressure monitor, you just need to insert the finger in the device and click start the button for automatic readings. The monitor will quickly give you the display of your blood pressure and the resolution is digital and easy to read. Both the systolic and the diastolic pressures are displayed by the monitor along with your pulse rate. The best part of this device is that you don’t have to bother the cuffs as the device is pretty small and can be very comfortably carried in your pocket or purse. Most of them run on 4AAA batteries.

But there are some disadvantages of finger blood pressure monitor as well. They are as follows:-

1. First the blood pressure readings by this device are not accurate.
2. The device is sensitive to body temperature and can furnish wrong readings.
3. If the position of the finger is not put in right place, then the monitor will display less accurate results of your blood pressure.
4. It is also very expensive than other blood pressure monitors.