BP Monitor

Lifesource blood pressure monitor are accurate and fast

Lifesource blood pressure monitors are products of A&D Medical division and an ISO-9002 product. There are many models of blood pressure monitors available in the market from them and some of the reliable and widely popular models are - UA-853AC, UA-705, and UB-512. Of these, the former two are arm blood pressure monitors and the later is a wrist blood pressure monitor.
Lifesource blood pressure monitor UA-853AC:- The recently launched blood pressure monitor has a new technology called AM/PM TimeWise™ Tracking Technology which enables the monitor to give an average reading of your blood pressure automatically of the day. The features of this blood pressure monitor are-
* It has 90 readings memory capacity
* Life time warranty on cuff and monitor
* There are 3 programmable built-in alarms
* The monitor also detects your irregular heartbeats.
* There is a large digital display for readings of BP
* It is fast and accurate
* An AC adapter included in the package.
Lifesource blood pressure monitor UA-705:- This is a manual inflate digital blood pressure monitor at affordable price. It runs on AA’ batteries and have both medium and large cuffs. The other features of this monitor are-
* Just one push button use
* Storage capacity is up to 30 readings of your BP
* Having the technology of Pressure Rating Indicator™ for snapshot of your blood pressure reading very quickly
* Detects the irregular heart rate and indicates you with an alarm.
* The average reading of your blood pressure is done automatically and displays on a large digital screen
* The readings are pretty fast
* Free from any sort of latex
Lifesource blood pressure monitor UB-512:- This is a wrist blood pressure monitor from the manufacturers has a storage capacity of 60 readings for two different people at a time. The accuracy of the blood pressure monitor has been proven. It also displays irregular heart rate and has the built-in Pressure Rating Indicator™ technology. Two AAA batteries are required for its operation and it is light weight and portable.