BP Monitor

Microlife blood pressure monitor for both Arm and Wrist use

There are various models of blood pressure monitors from Microlife that include both arm and wrist blood pressure monitors. The Microlife is the most recommended one by the doctors for the patients who need to keep a track of their blood pressure constantly. The model is equipped with various features that make the process of taking blood pressure very easy. Here are some good reviewed models of Microlife blood pressure monitor.

WatchBP home blood pressure monitor:

This blood pressure has been clinically proven for its accuracy and has oscillometric method of checking the BP. This automatic blood pressure monitor has an option of PC interface which means you can connect the monitor to your personal computer and get the record printed out. The WatchBP home can store data of 120 readings.

BP 3AC monitor:

This Microlife blood pressure monitor records both BP and pulse rates with MAM (Microlife average mode) or standard mode selection technology and PAD technology which means Pulse Arrhythmia Detection. The inflation and deflation of the cuff is automatic and the monitor is easy to use and can store 99 readings with date and time. It has a built-in blood pressure analyzer software that enables you to connect the machine to your PC.

3AX Wrist blood pressure monitor:

This is a premium product which guides you on-screen for the operation to take your accurate BP. It has MAM (Microlife averaging mode) technology to count your average blood pressure readings after taking three readings automatically. The monitor is also facilitated with PC Link Blood Pressure Analyzer Software with USB port to connect it with your personal computer and take print outs of your readings. The 3AX can easily store data 30 data of two persons each. The warranty in this monitor is for five years.