BP Monitor

Omron Blood Pressure Monitors At A Glance

The market is flooded with many blood pressure monitors, yet there are some names which stand out from the rest of the competition. One such name is Omron. Omron blood pressure monitors come in two categories - Omron automatic blood pressure monitors and Omron manual blood pressure monitors.

Omron manual blood pressure monitors
These are meant for professionals, nurses and doctors who check the BP level of patients manually. They cannot be operated by the patient himself. These blood pressure machines have cuffs, a bladder to control the pressure of the cuff in your arm and a manometer that consists of a scale of mercury level.

Omron automatic blood pressure monitors
These are the most popular machines among the people, since they provide the complete freedom of checking the BP levels automatically and as many times needed. Basically, there are two types of automatic blood pressure monitors - arm monitor and wrist monitor having many models and designs and functions.

Omron HEM-629 portable wrist blood pressure monitor:
This is considered one of the best wrist blood pressure monitors. You have sixty memory fillings along with date and time. You can get the average count of the three previous readings made. They have the new SigmaCuff technology that determines the exact value of pressure required to count the blood pressure. The inflation as well as deflation can be carried out automatically. It can fit to almost all wrist sizes. It operates on a 2AAA battery and you have a five-year warranty on this machine.

HEM-790IT Omron arm monitor
Almost all the features are same but the cuff size and the display options vary. Here, you get the heart beat readings also.