BP Monitor

Omron wrist blood pressure monitor is easy to carry and hassle free

The wrist blood pressure monitors from Omron are the finest blood pressure monitors you have ever used. They are accurate, simple in operation and at the same time portable. This Omron wrist blood pressure monitor is the best monitor for those who need to check their blood pressure at regular intervals even away from home and also come handy for those who find placing arm cuff difficult or troublesome. A compact Omron wrist blood pressure monitor is easy to carry and its operation is easy too. You simply have to wrap the cuff around the wrist and press the start button, in seconds, the monitor counts your BP and display the result on the digital panel. Let’s have a look at some of the renowned models of Omron blood pressure monitor.

This wrist blood pressure monitor has been evaluated, tested and proven rigorously to meet the standards of safety and accuracy.

* Has 90 readings storage capacity.
* Equipped with IntelliSense® technology for high accuracy.
* The design is compact for easy carrying along with the carrying case.
* The monitor runs on 2 AAA batteries which are accompanied by the package.
* A five year warranty is available. 0

This Omron wrist blood pressure too has been clinically proven for its accuracy and safety norms. It’s easy to use and convenient in carrying from one place to another. The features of this BP monitor are-

* The storage capacity is up to 60 readings along with date and time.
* Simple in operation.
* Runs on 2 AAA batteries.
* A five year warranty from the manufacturer.

You can count on the Omron BP monitors for its accuracy, but you will need to follow the instructions carefully while measuring your blood pressure since digital monitors are sensitive to shake, body temperatures and others.