BP Monitor

Panasonic blood pressure monitor – Hassle free and Light

There are a number of blood pressure monitors available in the market, yet few can be relied upon for accurate reading of your blood pressure. Among them, Panasonic Is available in the market which could be trusted for checking your blood pressure accurately. There are many models from this brand with different functions and features such as arm BP monitor, wrist BP monitor with several other features and technologies applied.

Self monitoring of blood pressure should always be simple and easy to do. Hence there are two models of Panasonic that you could use for home tests without any hassle. They are -----

Panasonic EW3111W Precise Logic Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor- This blood pressure monitor is very easy to use. All you have to do is insert your arm and one touch of a button will do the rest for you. The ideal features of this monitor are as follows.
* It can be used by all irrespective of size in physique
* The functions and reliability has been clinically proven. The monitor is very good to display as well as the height and width of your pulse.
* It can be used by two different people and has a storage capacity for 21 readings along with date and time.
* The best feature of this monitor is ‘color confirmation system’ which shows if there is a fall in the readings of pre-hypertension, hypertension, or the normal value of your pressure.
* Its is weight 1.6 pounds, so no handling problem.

Panasonic EW3002W Precise Logic Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor: This wrist blood pressure monitor is a boom in the industry of blood pressure monitors. Once you get the hang of it, you will realize that checking blood pressure has never been so easy. The features of this monitor are as follows.
* It is light weight and can be easily carried.
* Very quick in measuring the blood pressure, just one touch of a button gives all required information. It also measures the pulse rate along with BP.
* The results of the readings are displayed on a large LCD screen panel, so very much readable.
* Automatic memory storage capacity for 21 readings.