Living With BP Problem

BP Patients Must follow A few Guidelines While Flying

Air travelling is as safe for blood pressure patients as for any other. Thus, there is nothing that people suffering from hypertension should worry about when flying. But nevertheless, one should always be prepared for any adversaries when traveling. Here are some guidelines for BP patients when they are flying.

Do not fly if your blood pressure is not in control.
If you suffer from hypertension but your blood pressure is in control at the moment, then you may consider flying. However, if your blood pressure levels are out of control then you may avoid air travel. Delayed flights, long queues, boarding hassles etc. can add to your stress and elevate your blood pressure further. But, still if at all you have to go, make sure that you get the approval of your doctor in the first place.

Carry your medication along.
Now this is a must for anyone who is suffering from hypertension. You never know when your blood pressure levels may increase or when they may fall. Thus, it is in your best interest that you carry your medications along. Also, make sure that you carry enough supply of your medicines.

Take your blood pressure monitoring kit along.
These days, air travel companies provide all the medical facilities that you may need on board. But, it is always better for you to be on the safer side. So, make sure that you carry your blood pressure monitoring kit along. You never know when you might need to monitor your blood pressure.

Carry your medical history along.
If your blood pressure levels fluctuate when you are flying, your medical history will be of great help. Doctors on board will easily be able to assess the medicines you are taking or the medicines that you are allergic to. Thus, they will be able to provide you a treatment that suits you, without wasting any time.

Check with the medical services provided by the air travel company.
Though most airlines provide proper medical facilities to their patients, it is always better to check before hand. Make sure that the airlines have enough medical aids to help you in case of a problem.

Relax a night before you travel.
Quite often air travel is accompanied with stress. Sitting through the journey, boarding your luggage, custom clearance etc are some factors that could add to your stress and spike you blood pressure levels. Thus, it is good for you if you relax the night before you travel.

Watch what you eat.
Avoid eating spicy and oily food. These foods are not very easy to digest and can wreck havoc with your system while you are on board. Also, try to avoid tea and coffee as much as possible.

Follow these guidelines and your flight would be a pleasure even if you are suffering from high or low blood pressure.