Living With BP Problem

Cold And Flu Medication For People With High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure, today is one of the major factors accounting for disease and ailments such as stroke, coronary heart disease, pulmonary vessel problems, kidney malfunctions and a host of others. In a recent study, it has been found that about 1 in every humans, are affected by a decline or an incline in blood pressure, the latter more commonly known as hypertension. In fact the American Heart Association has come to a conclusion after a conducive research, that lasted for several months that around 2 million Americans alone are affected with some kind of abnormality in their blood pressure. No doubt, it has termed high blood pressure as a “Killer Disease”, which could dangerously seep into the lives of any individual.

What is meant by the term, High Blood pressure or Hypertension? It is the increase in rate of pumping of blood into the vessels which may develop substantial pressure on the outer walls of the blood vessels. This abnormal phenomena has it’s roots in stress, anxiety, and has become a major problem with office-goers. It can be tackled by a host of medications available on the block, today. It can also be cured with the help of yogic and deep breathing exercises. However, medications are to be taken carefully and you must not resort to any medicine without the primary consultation of your doctor. Try and especially avoid over-the-counter cold or flu medicines. Most of them contain decongestants which have shown a knack of raising your blood pressure. Further research has also proved that they disturb the routine or order of your regular prescriptions of hypertension. Your best judge will be your doctor and make sure you refer to him before taking any kind of OTC medicines, which may further aggravate your problem. He will also be able to prescribe the requisite medicines for getting over the cold.