Living With BP Problem

Detect Symptoms Of Blood Pressure Early

According to some studies more than 50 million of people are suffering from high blood pressure in the United States of America. The major trouble with being a high blood pressure patient is that nobody can make out if you are suffering from it. That is, one would seem perfectly normal with this disease. And this very fact makes it even more dangerous a disease.

It is also seen that 30 per cent of the patients suffering from high blood pressure don’t even realize that they are suffering from it. Therefore a high blood pressure patient needs an immediate treatment. Otherwise, the disease may start affecting their body parts and prove lethal in the long run.

Stroke, the third most hazardous disease in the western world, can also be caused due to high blood pressure. Nowadays, the most common life threatening diseases are also caused because of high blood pressure. Indeed, it has been observed that heart diseases have taken more than 5,00,000 lives in the United States alone.

After seeing the dangerous effects of high blood pressure, which shortens a person’s life by up to 20 years, a new name has been assigned to it-- The Silent Killer.

After having a look at the effects of high blood pressure, it is must to recognize and diagnose it as early as possible. In order to ensure that the percentage of sufferers from this disease is lowered down, the level at which high blood pressure was considered normal has been decreased and also given a new term called, “Pre High Blood Pressure”. To check the sufferers at the lower level only is the main objective of this move.

Now, most of the medical practitioners take 115/75 mm Hg as a base point and the raise of 20 point in the upper figure (the systolic pressure) or decline of, say, 10 points in the lower figure (the diastolic pressure) are seen as danger points.

In case you get a minor hint of depression or stress, get yourself checked thoroughly so as to prevent things from worsening. High Blood Pressure, if diagnosed at an early stage, can be avoided.

To treat this ailment you need to bring in some lifestyle changes including your eating habits. This will keep your high blood pressure away and a combination of proper medication with it will necessarily cure your problem.