Living With BP Problem

High Blood Pressure Medicine Impotency

The words ‘high blood pressure medicine impotency’ really can increase the blood pressure of a person instead of treating it. The reason behind is that no body wants impotency and want to destroy the sex life.

There have been doubts from many cases that after taking some of the blood pressure medications some patients suffer from erectile dysfunction or impotency. What is ED or impotency? Very simply it means that the male sex organs defy working normally and a person cannot enjoy sex even if he wants. This is a side effect of the blood pressure medicines. Thus, people who have become victim of the silent killer early at their age are thinking twice before taking the medicines.

Cause behind high blood pressure medicine impotency:

The medicines like diuretics called diuril, lasix, hydrodiuril, aldactone, and the beta blockers like indernal, atenoloor tenormin, lopressors, have been found to cause the ED or impotency. The diuretics reduce the volume of water through the passage of urine and the penis becomes the victim of too much urination. This causes the muscles and nerves of the penis weak and thus the Ed occurs. Again the beta blockers target the sympathetic nerves and they also reduce the sensitivity of the nerves. The lack of sensation causes the penis to respond negative.

Is there any remedy to this impotency?

Though doctors say that this impotency is temporary yet, people are much worried about this terrible side effect of blood pressure. If you are suffering from any of the symptoms of impotency due to blood pressure medicines, consult your doctor immediately. He may change the kind of medicine or may advice you something else so that you can enjoy your sex life freely. Stop taking the medicines if the doctor insists and can take appointment to another one and seek his advice. I’m saying this because one cannot play optional games with his sex life.