Living With BP Problem

High blood Pressure Safety Video 

A significant number of people in the world suffer from high blood pressure or hypertension. High blood pressure is said to be a silent killer as there are no apparent symptoms and the condition may lead to multiple organ failure and even death in certain cases. High blood pressure is also the contributing factor to other risks such as strokes, heart attacks, heart failure and chronic kidney disorders.

Many people suffering from high blood pressure are ignorant, first of all about the fact that they are suffering from this condition, and second on how to keep it under control. They lack information relating to control and management of the disease and the general practices that can help them in keeping their high blood pressure in check.

A video to promote awareness about high blood pressure can provide vital information and can increase awareness about this condition.

Diet plays an important part in the genesis of a wide variety of diseases. An unhealthy diet consisting of saturated fat and cholesterol rich food is one of the factors contributing to high blood pressure. Such a video can be a wonderful means of teaching people how to manage the condition and the precautions that should be taken in terms of lifestyle and dietary modifications. The video can instruct viewers on formulating a healthy diet and incorporating an exercise routine.

Getting plenty of exercise is very essential to reducing blood pressure and the attendant risks of the disease. Regular exercise helps to reduce weight and increase good cholesterol, both essential for reducing hypertension.

Video on high blood pressure could depict how exercise can be used both for prevention and for treatment of high blood pressure. The videos can actually demonstrate the exercises in an easy to understand fashion. Even therapeutic breathing techniques, which is said to help in lowering the high blood pressure, can be demonstrated.

Videos on high blood pressure can reveal the effects that smoking and excessive consumption of alcohol have on health.