Living With BP Problem

Hypertension And Diet And Exercise

The effects of high blood pressure can be minimized or even cured with lifestyle changes or blood pressure medication. Lifestyle changes include losing weight, proper diet, increasing exercise or physical activity level, avoiding environmental pollutants such as second hand smoke, avoiding overuse of narcotics and/or alcohol, and watching the amount of sodium, fat and cholesterol in your diet. This also means keeping other diseases and stressful situations under control. For further details, read Your Diet Plays A Major Role In Causing Obesity, Blood Pressure And Other Diseases

General hypertension cures are diet for high blood pressure and weight loss. A proper diet is essential for maintaining normal blood pressure. Beginning a healthy diet and exercising will allow you to lose those extra pounds and lower your blood pressure back to normal. Avoid crash diets or you may suffer from a heart attack soon. Diet plays an important role in both the prevention and treatment of high blood pressure. A high fat diet not only leads to weight gain but may also increase the chance of high blood pressure. So, hypertension and diet and exercise go hand in hand for lowering high blood pressure.

There are some foods that may protect you against high blood pressure. Potassium found in vegetables and fruits is an electrolyte that helps maintain the body’s normal balance of salt and fluids, which helps maintain normal blood pressure. Some researchers even state that garlic may help lower blood pressure. Hypertension and diet and exercise should be taken as a whole for the treatment of high blood pressure.