Living With BP Problem

Medicines For High Blood Pressure Cures

Medicines for hypertension are prescribed as per the causes of high blood pressure. There are three or four groups of medicines that are used in general types of hypertension. While complex hypertension like pulmonary high BP may involve certain specialized medication.

The medicine quite frequently used to curb hypertension is Diuretics. It works as blood vessel relaxant as well as helps greatly in lowering sodium and water level through urination thus, decreasing volume of blood.

Beta-blockers is another medicine used for decreasing action controlled by central nervous system. This medication both lowers your heart rate (decreasing the volume pumped) and prevents your blood vessels from constricting (getting smaller).

Calcium channel blockers: These medications affect the movement of calcium into the cells which slows the heart rate and relaxes the blood vessels. An inhibitor called  Angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) is used to check function of an enzyme that is a part of the substance that causes blood vessels to tighten, therefore causing them to relax.

These are some general medicines to lower blood pressure. To cure high blood pressure of pulmonary type dilators and endothelene receptor antagonists are used.

Medicinal treatment of high blood pressure should go side by side with constant blood pressure measurement, diet check and exercises. Blood pressure medication should be tested for side effects and efficacy. In order to find effectiveness of medicine, a blood pressure tester could be used to see readings after consumption of medicine.

You can greatly reduce blood pressure if you take notice of your readings and take medicines accordingly.