Living With BP Problem

Travelling Made Easy for Blood Pressure Patients

  Journey should always be planned in advance to avoid any hassles. A proper planning becomes all the more important for blood pressure patients as they may aggravate their problem due to exertion caused by extensive walking or even talking. Blood pressure patients are too sensitive to movements.

But do not worry, here are some useful tips that will ensure happy travelling and joyous journey.
1.Before the journey, you should get yourself thoroughly examined by your doctor. It's very important to know that your blood pressure is within the limits. If it is not, tell your doctor about the trip and ask him to give you relevant medicines.

2.Consult a dietician to prepare a diet chart for you. Tell them the details of the place you are going to visit, so that they can customize the diet plan according to the availability of food and your preferences. Try and stick to your diet chart as much as possible because you would not like to spoil your trip due to just one meal.

3.You should pay special attention while packing your travel bag.  Always keep your medicines, recent medical reports, emergency contact numbers and other necessary first aid things, in a separate handy bag.

4.The night before the journey is very important to keep you ready for the trip. Have a light and nutritive meal. Strictly avoid spicy and heavy food. You should not consume alcohol as well. Drink plenty of water so that you are not dehydrated. Also try to limit your intake of tea and coffee, as they can also dehydrate you.

5.Have a proper sleep, the night before the trip. A good night's sleep revitalizes you. You can also resort to meditation and breathing techniques to keep you relax. Listening to soothing music would also help.

6.When you are all set for your trip, do not get anxious about your medical condition and take unnecessary tension. Any kind of anxiety can further destroy your health. When you are equipped to handle everything, why worry. Be positive and cheerful.

7.In case, you have a major problem, you can contact the travel nurse agencies to provide you a nurse who can accompany you during the journey. The travel nurse agency is available on 24/7 helpline, which can help you in the case of emergency.

8.If travelling alone, always keep important telephone numbers in your pocket.
A vigilant and a cautious approach can help blood pressure patients plan their journey. So follow these basic suggestions and enjoy a wonderful trip.