Living With BP Problem

Traveling Tips For Blood Pressure Patients

A habitual traveler anticipates certain traveling problems and is prepared for that. But for an individual, who does not travel too often, has to have a listing of the possible problems. That too, if he does not enjoy normal health, suffers from problems like blood pressure. He needs to be mentally prepared to face the eventualities.

If you are an air-traveler, as for the first aid facilities are concerned the attending staff of the aircraft are well trained. But there are certain basic problems that a blood pressure patient must be aware about when going for air travel. First things first, as you are airborne barometric pressure shoots up. There is decreased oxygen tension. Air turbulence is another factor. This may affect you as a blood pressure patient.

Well, in the worse cases air travel may aggravate certain health conditions. But the inbuilt technology of the modern aircraft has taken into consideration many of the safe requirements of different types of patients. Air travel is therefore safe for those with high blood pressure provided they don't have other severe complications attached with them.

But for the low blood pressure patients, who are already short of breath and those who have the associated problems, it will be difficult to tolerate the high altitudes. Such people need to chalk out the travel plans, strictly on the basis of the advice of their personal physician.

Blood pressure patients are sensitive to any type of motion. Air travel means acceleration, deceleration, upward, downward and swinging movements. This is what is meant by air-sickness, which means dizziness, nausea and vomiting. To avoid this condition to the extent possible, you need to take certain precautions, the night before your travel.

Remain calm and collected, have a cool and quiet evening. Do not consume alcohol and spicy foods. Even on the morning of the travel, take a very light breakfast. Avoid synthetic clothes and let your outfit be loose and comfortable. The caffeine containing drinks like tea and coffee need to be avoided, but take plenty of water. Dehydration during the travel needs to be avoided and its side effects are much worst. Try to sit relaxed as much as possible and if you are still uncomfortable, take antiemeric medication.

Whenever you are traveling you ought to keep in mind your health condition. Indeed you have to make certain arrangements while packing your travel bag. You need to keep your medical case file with the details of medication that you take and the emergency contact numbers on the top of your unlocked briefcase.Meditate, in the relaxed comfort of your seat. Be positive in your thoughts and try to be cheerful as much as possible. This will certainly keep your blood pressure in check. Happy landing!