Living With BP Problem

Vrindavan: An Ultimate Destiny To Cease Stress And High Blood Pressure

Vrindavan is known world over as a holy place. My reference to the city is as a socio-spiritual place. It is the birth place of divine incarnation, Lord Krishna. But it is the very same Lord, who said in his immortal celestial song, Bhagavadgita, “Participation in action is better than renunciation of action.” Your travel to Vrindavan is bound to rejuvenate you physically as well as mentally.

Vrindavan is just 90 kms away from New Delhi (India). It is well connected by road transport, and train. The nearest airport is New Delhi. Since it is on the famous Delhi-Agra highway, many don't miss it, in their tour program to North India.
Now, don't be under the wrong impression that you have blood pressure and you need to engage in minimum physical activities, and you should not indulge in the tiring job of traveling. The precise reasons for blood pressure are not known till date. Your blood pressure could be due to stress. It could be due to lack of physical exercise. In cities you hardly walk! A day's visit to Vrindavan will solve your both problems. You may ask why!

Stress is a part of your negativity. When you walk through the lanes and mud paths of Vrindavan, there are less chances of your negative feelings taking the upper hand. You know Vrindavan is the city of temples. It has 5500 temples. Leave aside its spiritual importance.

Purely from the beauty aspect of the architecture and the divine aura created by the devotion of the simple folks, your mind will emit new vibrations replacing the negative vibrations.

Therefore, as you tour, you find that you are a normal human being. For a while, you don't even remember about your blood pressure.

And the unending devotional songs and Vedic chanting that goes on in some of the important temples! You can as well argue that this is all a matter of faith!

Yes, great deeds are accomplished when individuals and faith meet! As for Vedic chanting, you will be pleased to know that UNESCO, the primary wing of the United Nations Organization has declared Vedic Chanting as the intangible cultural heritage of humanity.

Vedic chanting is done with sincere motive, with correct diction. It is supposed to cause rains, and usher an era of plenty and prosperity.

Such short travel breaks, will definitely help you control your blood pressure.

And do visit the people at the Branch of The New Vrindaban Community, (founded in West Virginia, USA) the then people with hypertension, now live a de-stressed life. Most of them hail from America, where 30% of the population suffers from high blood pressure.

By visiting Vrindaban you may not know the causes of blood pressure, but you will experience some of its solutions!