Living With BP Problem

Ways To Prevent Abnormal Levels Of Blood Pressure

Blood pressure is the pressure applied to the walls of the arteries when the heart pumps blood through the body. Blood pressure is subject to change. This change depends on the age, environment, and various other factors like these.

Blood pressure beyond the normal range is called high blood pressure. Similarly, blood pressure below the normal range is called low blood pressure. But, remember that the normal range of blood pressure varies from person to person.

Both these conditions have adverse effects. Therefore, it is necessary to control your blood pressure and prevent it from taking the shape of either hypertension or hypotension.

You can do this by following the preventive measures mentioned below.

Preventive measures for hypertension or high blood pressure include:

1) Following a healthy eating plan
2) Maintaining a healthy weight
3) Being physically active
4) Choosing and preparing foods with less salt and sodium
5) Quitting smoking and alcohol

Prevention measures for hypotension or low blood pressure include:

1) Eating adequate amounts of the required nutrition
2) Taking adequate amounts of juices and water
3) Exercising regularly
4) Maintaining daily records of blood pressure levels
5) Eating beans, peas, nuts and grains
6) Eating fish, egg, mutton and chicken
7) Increasing the intake of salt

The above mentioned list was of things that you need to do. The list given below comprises of things that you don't have to do:

a) Take unnecessary drugs
b) Expose yourself to extreme heat and extreme cold
c) Smoke and/or drink alcohol
d) Keep Fasts
e) Undertake vigorous exercises which cause profuse sweating
f) Eat fried items and fast foods

Last but not least, sleep for the required eight hours daily. This is necessary for your body to rejuvenate itself.