High Blood Pressure

An Overview of Pitocin Induced Hypotension

Pitocin hypotension relates to the state of low blood pressure as a result of administering Pitocin (oxytocin) injection. Pitocin (oxytocin) injection contains synthetic hormone that helps to indirectly stimulate uterine  muscular contractions and in the process speed up natural labor. This drug is primarily administered to manage postpartum bleeding. But Pitocin hypotension is a serious downfall of this medicine.

Oxytocin literally means quick birth in Greek. Pitocin (oxytocin) injection is a clear, colorless sterile solution of synthetic oxytocin for intravenous infusion. Pitocin is a nonapeptide extracted from the pituitary gland that contains oxytocic hormone and acetic acid. Pitocin hypotension is reported after administering the injection Pitocin (oxytocin). This is unexpected as oxytocin is generally associated with severe hypertension. This may be possible on account of  the modification of  the cardiovascular effects of oxytocin by  anesthesia which is  administered in conjunction with oxytocin injection.   

Apart from the  hypotension, there are other adverse reactions due to oxytocin such as rupture of the uterus, tetanic contraction, spasms and  uterine hypertonicity. There is also the possibility of  blood loss and afibrinogenemia that can take place after the drug is administered. After the intramuscular injection of oxytocin,  hypotension may occur within a few minutes as a result of rapid fall in the flow of blood. In a pregnant woman, such a quick low blood pressure or hypotension can create complications for both the fetus and the mother.   

But as told above, there are some great advantages of Pitocin (oxytocin) injection. Generally, Pitocin injection is specified for producing uterine contractions in the third stage of labor and to manage postpartum bleeding in individuals with hypersensitivity to the medicine. It is necessary to improve uterine contractions in order to have a vaginal delivery. In cases of inevitable abortion, oxytocin infusion is often successful in emptying the uterus. 
Thus, it can be safely deduced that  hypotension is the result of administering the hemorrhage controlling Pitocin (oxytocin) injection in pregnant mothers. So as to control the Pitocin hypotension, other means of therapy have to be used by the pregnant mother to nullify the complications. If the uterine hyperactivity is too high, immediately discontinue the use of Pitocin and consult your physician as soon as possible.