High Blood Pressure

Are You At A Risk Of High Blood Pressure

1in every 3 persons are suffering from high blood pressure in America. You can also be one of them, if you

a) are overweight
b) are a man over the age of 45
c) are a woman over the age of 55
d) have a family history of high blood pressure
e) have pre-hypertension (that is, blood pressure in the range of 120–139/80–89 mmHg)

There are also other things that can raise your blood pressure. These are as follows:

1) Eating too much salt

2) Drinking too much alcohol

3) Not getting enough potassium in your diet

4) Not doing enough physical activity

5) Taking certain medicines

6) Having long-lasting stress

If you fall in any of the above brackets, then you need to be mighty careful. You also need to check your blood pressure regularly.