High Blood Pressure

Beware! Hormonal Contraception May Raise Your High Blood Pressure!

There are many instances when a woman faces troubles created by high blood pressure. It can be on the onset of puberty or menopause; with various hormonal imbalances during pregnancy and also during contraception.

Yes, this could be a little bewildering news to you, but women do face hypertension (high blood pressure) at the time when she is using birth control measures.

In fact, of all the methods that a woman employs for birth control, birth control pills and birth control patches are the most dangerous for high blood pressure. Both these methods fall in the category of hormonal contraception as they work in the direction of birth control by playing with the female hormones in the body.

The hormonal contraception methods such as use of pills and birth control patches have progestin content in them. Progestin is a drug that has a similar function to that of female hormone progesterone in the body. Progestin in body has an effect on the blood pressure, raising it by a few readings.

Contraception using hormonal intervention is one of the safest and easiest ways of birth control, but at the same time a home to high blood pressure and the related disorders. But, this does not mean that all women on hormonal contraception would suffer from high blood pressure. For, certain things collectively contribute to the problem of hypertension. These are age of the woman, the total duration of using hormonal contraception or any other birth control method, any previous history of blood pressure suffering, or a running family history of hypertension and obesity.

As a woman ages 35 or above and is active on any contraceptive method, her chances of developing the symptoms of high blood pressure increases. Her body becomes a little less immune to the disorders occurring in the body at this age. Besides, if a woman is on birth control measures for long, she is more susceptible to the hypertension. High blood pressure, if running in the family, can also be a big reason to cause it. And not to forget, obese women are more prone to disorders like these.

Therefore it becomes important for you to get yourself diagnosed regularly. So that whenever you find any of the slightest symptoms indicating high blood pressure, you know the first step to take. It is to stop using hormonal contraception and consulting the doctor.

But it is not that you can not use the hormonal contraception method at all. The only way out is to keep control on your high blood pressure with the use of medications. But still the safest advice here is to refrain from hormonal intervention and opting out for some other birth control method.

There are several birth control methods that do not involve any elevation of blood pressure. They are: condoms, diaphragm, cervical cap and Copper-T. Only a proper prevention step can make your birth control measure successful.