High Blood Pressure

Can High Blood Pressure Be Cured?

That which can not be cured, must be endured.” This statement seems to be true in case of achieving the final victory over high blood pressure.

But let me also qualify this statement with the bold rider. Your will power and your changed lifestyles can achieve the impossible. If you have created your own high blood pressure condition, due to your wrong living, can you not destroy its base as well with your revised approach to health? Yes, you can make the impossible, the possible!

High blood pressure is a serious health-risk. So, serious tackling of the condition is required. The normal blood pressure reading of an adult is considered to be 120 over 80 mm Hg. The reading above this level is a case of high blood pressure. What is its gravity, only the physician will be able to judge, depending upon your overall health conditions.

The main problem related to the complete cure of the high blood pressure is its surprise element. You can devise the plans for the treatment of the disease about which you know. But if it has the surprise element of an ambush, you can do very little about it at that stage.

But once you take the treatment for the situation and temporarily tide over the difficulties, you need to devise a correct plan of diet and exercise for you. These are the two most important tools at your command, for which no medical practitioner will object. Any other type of prescription or over the counter medication is not going to solve your problem. Because the next stage of the high blood pressure, the comrades-in-arms of this disease are not known for their reputation! Strokes, heart failures, heart diseases, kidney failure and renal diseases, are some of them.

So, watch out for certain things. Obese individuals, take special care. Now is the time to reduce your weight. Now, or perhaps never! And if you are short tempered, I can only advise you, “Temper is very valuable; do not lose it.” Extreme sweating, slurring of speech, shortness of breath, the feeling of feebleness are the other indications, that warn you to change your lifestyle.

You need to apply the reverse gear. You need to throw away the high blood pressure from your system, by reversing the trends that you followed to invite it for a stay within your body mechanism! The methods you need to adopt are simple, but profound! Proper, imaginative dieting and physical exercises are the tools that you can depend upon. Do you recall when did you do your physical exercise last time? Must be decades ago. Give up alcohol and reduce the intake of salt. Smoke at your own peril. There are no ifs and buts. It is a desperate situation requiring desperate steps.

I am sure, with the corrective measures that you take and implement with sincerity, your high blood pressure will soon belong to the “ancient history” part of your life!