High Blood Pressure

Don't Ignore Symptoms Of Hypertension

The hypertension symptoms are probably one of the most discussed medical issue because clear reasons of hypertension is yet to be ascertained by medical scientists. The disease is often termed as silent killer as you carry hypertension for years without knowing that you are afflicted with it. Before you would diagnose yourself with it, it would have done enough damage to your body.

These facts suggest that it is difficult to trace hypertension as there is no clear symptom to depict mild hypertension. If you are suffering from persistent high blood pressure of less severity you are likely to remain ignorant of it till your blood pressure level rises very high.

I must relate a startling yet thought provoking fact of our country. Around fifty five million Americans are said to be suffering from hypertension and out of which fifteen millions are not aware of their high level of blood pressure.

Although there exists no clear symptom of hypertension, doctors have been found diagnosing the problem with certain general symptoms such as severe and consistent ache in the back of head. There are certain other complications also, prevalence of which indicates probable high blood pressure. For example, people identified with high cholesterol could be tested for hypertension as it happens to be almost certain that they are afflicted with high BP too. Similarly Type 2 diabetics are very much prone to it.

Some times bleeding from your nose could be due to surge in blood pressure. So you must not take nose bleeding casually. Dizziness could also be taken as a symptom of high blood pressure. In fact it indicates hypertension of very higher level.

You may also identify high blood pressure with blurred vision. It is another probable symptom of high BP. Breathing abnormality, fatigue and perspiring abnormally could be symptoms associated with hypertension.

You must check against hypertension if you are vomiting out frequently. Some times even nausea happens to be an outcome of high level of blood pressure.

But all these symptoms are based on probability. You may or may not get identified with hypertension if you are showing these symptoms as these general symptoms could exist due to other complications too.

However there are certain risk factors that strongly advocate possibility of the complication. For example, obese folks are destined to develop hypertension. Similarly, people living under constant stress are very much susceptible to it.

To sum up, I suggest all of you to be extra careful to combat this silent killer. I also suggest you to constantly keep track of your BP with the help of blood pressure measurement tools.