High Blood Pressure

High Blood Pressure And Diabetes Do Not Go Hand In Hand

A person suffering from diabetes must not have blood pressure abnormalities to avoid any further complications. Almost 50 % diabetics get affected by high blood pressure. Outcome is either cardio vascular diseases or kidney dysfunction. In some cases, vision also gets affected by it.

Patients suffering from Type 2 diabetes usually suffer from high blood pressure mainly because of high metabolic rates. It is mainly a result of obesity, high level of blood glucose and abnormal level of triglyceride and cholesterol.

While high blood pressure in type 1 diabetes is normally because of nephron disorder or kidney dysfunction. In other words, high BP in Type 1 diabetics may be taken as an indication of diabetic nephropathy.

One striking similarity between high BP and diabetes is the common cure measures. Normalcy of blood glucose in diabetics and control over blood pressure abnormality could be brought with proper dietary control and exercise.

Diabetics must aim at maintaining normal level of blood pressure that is 120/180. Blood pressure below this level is OK but, it should strictly not exceed this level. Along with diet and exercise, diabetics are also given oral pills for blood pressure normality. One such medicine is beta blocker that brings down high BP level.

People suffering from HIV often die of lethal combination of high BP and Diabetes that gives way to kidney failure.