High Blood Pressure

High Blood Pressure And High Cholesterol Compliment Each Other

There exists a very close connection between high blood pressure and cholesterol. A high blood pressure shows that pure blood is being pumped by heart with more force. This is mainly due to cholesterol deposition. Most often, hypertension or high blood pressure is the result of high level of cholesterol. A combination of high cholesterol level and BP in old people may give way to Alzheimer.

Diastolic blood pressure and high level of cholesterol are the main reasons for stroke. People who have more deposition of HDL and LDL or cholesterol experience high blood pressure.

If you have gained weight and you also have plasma cholesterol in your body, you are more likely to develop high BP. Cholesterol deposition in arteries results in high BP which in turn gives way to heart attacks.

So, patients of diabetes and heart diseases are instructed to keep their cholesterol level on check as resultant high blood pressure can worsen the situation. High BP in combination with high cholesterol is main cause of coronary heart diseases.

Although, high blood pressure may be a result of other reasons as well but a good number of adults suffer from cholesterol created high BP. This number is almost about 40 % in America. Remember, by doing away with either one of them you can lower down the other.