High Blood Pressure

List Of High Blood Pressure Symptoms

High blood pressure is a silent killer as its symptoms are hardly traceable. It is a condition where, due to the strenuous activities of our day to day life, the blood in our body goes through a tumultuous stage. It gets elevated suddenly and sometimes dips down to abnormal depths. If the blood remains at an elevated position for a longer duration of time, it is referred as high blood pressure. Medically it is termed as Hypertension. It is a serious disease and needs to be dealt carefully as it can be a precursor to a number of deadly diseases including heart attack, kidney failure, blindness and liver diseases.

As said above, the symptoms are hardly traceable. It is very difficult to identify this disease physically as such. But still, some of the general symptoms noticed in most of the patients are:

1) nose bleeding

2) bouts of headache

3) dizziness and fatigue

In severe cases of high blood pressure you may also notice:

1) vomiting

2) breathing problems

3) drowsiness

4) seizures

5) confusion

6) restlessness

7) blood in the urine

8) moderate chest pain

9) or even defects in vision

and at times, coma


If high blood pressure is due to phechromocytoma which is a tumor of the adrenal gland, the symptoms may include unstable or rapid heart beats, perspiration, anxiety, headache and paleness.

If any of the above or combination of some of the above is evident to you, immediately consult a doctor as high blood pressure is a silent killer and should not be ignored at all.