High Blood Pressure

HRT And High Blood Pressure

It is often asked whether taking estrogen with the hormone replacement therapy (HRT) increase your blood pressure or not? The answer has usually been very confusing. While some researches suggest that taking hormone does increase your blood pressure, the often hard voice says that HRT does not generally affect blood pressure.

People with high blood pressure can be given HRT without any complications. Nevertheless, it makes sense if you keep track on HRT to keep an eye on your blood pressure as this is the age when many blood pressure does start to rise quite rapidly in most of the people. For more information on the same, read Causes Of Hypertension.

HRT and high blood pressure are in fact related, but on the opposite. Several studies have found that human replacement therapy actually lowers the blood pressure in women with hypertension, who were on antihypertensive medicines. But, the blood pressure reduction has been only half on women who are on calcium channel beta blockers. It suggests that estrogen may function like a calcium channel blocker in lowering high blood pressure.

When injectable shots for ERT and HRT were studied in a group of women who had moderate hypertension, it was found that the ERT (Estrogen Replacement Therapy) and HRT does not raise blood pressure. To keep track of your HRT and high blood pressure, you can always talk the help of blood pressure equipment.

For blood pressure measurement, you can use blood pressure monitor and digital blood pressure cuffs. Any of these blood pressure tester will help you make blood pressure charts with regular blood pressure readings.