High Blood Pressure

Monitor The Symptoms Of High Blood Pressure Carefully

The American statistics are staggering. Around 50 Millions of Americans are the patients of high blood pressure. And 30% of these patients do not even know that they have this silent killer disease within them! Can something be done about this?

Are you happy that ignorance is bliss?

You must have heard about sudden strokes? Yesterday, the man was perfectly alright by any standards. But today he is lying in the hospital with a paralytic stroke. Half of his body is not working! This is the silent doing of the high blood pressure!

You need to understand yourself, to understand high blood pressure. It has no definite symptoms. But if you have nosebleeds which are more than normal, if you feel dizzy, if you have dull ache at the back of your head, get a thorough check up from your doctor. Without any of these, you may still have blood pressure.

You have to watch yourself carefully, more and more carefully if you have any of these signs repeatedly bothering you. These conditions are not the result of high blood pressure, but they can take you to the pedestal of blood pressure. They are excessive perspiration, too much urination, irregular heartbeat (which is also known as palpitation) and general weakness. These are the sub-ways that can lead to high blood pressure. The damaging part of this disease is its surprise element. You are down, before you realize, what has happened.

If you have the slightest misapprehension, make it a habit to get your blood pressure checked regularly. If you are overweight, you have all the more reasons to do such check-ups.

It is high time for you to make a thorough review about your diet. Lifestyle changes do more to help the cause of your health than the effect of all the medications put together.

Buy a good quality blood pressure monitor and maintain a recording that you can show to your doctor. You need to make a habit of taking reading at a fixed time. The increase in the blood pressure can not be without any reason. Suppose you have taken some tempting junk food, and within the next few hours you feel uneasiness, check your blood pressure immediately. If there is an increase, at least you now realize the reasons.

You have to control your blood pressure by all means. Even the trial and error methods!