High Blood Pressure

Relationship between High Blood Pressure And Anger

High blood pressure otherwise also known as hypertension is a silent killer and a dreaded disease that affects a number of people. In recent studies, it has been found that high blood pressure causes the death of thousands of people all around the world. Hypertension is usually caused by a sedentary and unhealthy lifestyle.

Various studies have also proved that anger aggravates existing hypertension. Psychologists define anger as a perfectly normal human emotion that unfortunately can get out of control.

The reasons for getting angry differ from one person to another. You can be angry with your classmate, colleague, subordinate or even a senior. Even small incidents such as a canceled appointment or getting home late due to a traffic jam can make you lose your cool.

The most common way of venting one's anger is expressing it. Expressing anger provides us a release mechanism that allows for us to cool down; something like the steam coming out from a pressure cooker. Suppressed anger can lead to a number of problems such as anxiety, annoyance, despair and frustration. And in extreme cases, unexpressed anger can either lead to high blood pressure or can aggravate an existing high blood pressure condition.

High blood pressure is mainly characterized by anger and its various unexpressed forms such as: suppressed aggression, tension and feigned politeness when under pressure. All these can lead to high blood pressure. Thus, if anger, especially the unexpressed anger, is not controlled, high blood pressure can lead to grave health consequences.

Anger results in the secretion of various hormones such as adrenalin. These hormones result in the acceleration of the heart and as a result the angry individual  suffers from high blood pressure.

If we cannot control our anger, then we should find safe and non-violent ways of being able to express our feelings and release steam.