High Blood Pressure

Secondary Hypertension- Causes and Symptoms

Secondary hypertension is the second type of hypertension, first one being Primary hypertension. Secondary type of hypertension is characterized by the fact that there is an identifiable cause behind it. Treating the underlying cause can help treat hypertension without taking recourse to any anti-hypertensive medication.

Causes of Secondary Hypertension
Some causes of secondary hypertension are as follows:

* Consumption of Liquorice: Consumption of Liquorice (especially in its most potent form- the liquorice candy) can result in a sudden increase in blood pressure levels. Its consumption becomes dangerous for those who are already suffering from hypertension. Hence, either stop consuming liquorice and things based on liquorice (cough syrups, throat lozenges and peptic ulcer treatments) or take them with care.

* Sleep apnea: It is a type of sleep disorder in which an individual takes pauses in breathing while asleep. It is a common but under-recognized cause of hypertension. It can be treated with the help of adenoidectomy, Mandibular advancement splint (MAS), septoplasty, tonsilectomy, UPPP, or weight loss.

* Tumors: Hypertension can occur as a result of some renal tumors. The most common tumors observed in young patients are Juxtaglomerular cell tumor, renal cell carcinoma, and Wilms' tumor.

* Adrenal hypertension: Researches have indicated there is a clear relationship between hypertension and lowering of potassium levels in medical complications such as Hyperaldosteronism, also known as aldosteronism. In this medical condition too much aldosterone is produced by the adrenal glands. The excess secretion can lead to lowered levels of potassium in the blood, which then results in hypertension.

* Renal Hypertension: The cause of renal hypertension is the diseases afflicting the kidney. Some of these kidney diseases are polycystic kidney disease or chronic glomerulonephritis. Further, hypertension can also be caused when a disease afflicts the renal arteries supplying blood to the kidneys.

* Rebound hypertension: There are occasions when medications taken to control hypertension can result in hypertension. This usually happens once the individual suddenly stops taking these medicines. To avoid developing rebound hypertension, it is important to gradually withdraw anti-hypertensive medication.

* Pregnancy: Pregnancy means a lot of chemical and physical changes inside the body. Hypertension is a result of these changes. However, not all women who become pregnant suffer from hypertension. It is estimated that only 10 per cent develop hypertension. While there is no harm anticipated to the body it is necessary that the development of three pregnancy related complications are always watched out for: pre-eclampsia, eclampsia, and HELLP syndrome.
* Use of Drugs: There are some categories of drugs whose consumption can result in hypertension. Chief amongst them are NSAIDs (for example Ibuprofen) and steroids.

These are some indicative causes of secondary hypertension. Its best to refer to a physician to find out the real cause behind hypertension so that correct treatment can ensue.