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Systolic Heart Murmur

Systolic heart murmur is the sound that can be heard when your physician examines your heart through a stethoscope. In fact, heart murmurs are abnormal heart noises that are the consequence of a disordered blood flow. If the blood flow through the heart is not smooth, then systolic heart murmur may occur. This would signify tightening or dripping of the heart valves. It may also be due to the existence of unusual passages for blood flow.

Typically not a part of the standard cardiac physiology, heart murmur requires further analysis. However, heart murmurs are sometimes innocent and harmless and warrant no clinical importance. The word systolic here typically means the spot at which the physician can listen to the murmur relative to the unlocking and shutting of the heart valves. Minor anomalies of the lining of the heart chambers hinder the blood flow. This along with the shape of the heart can lead to heart murmur.

Heart murmurs are sometimes the result of structural trouble in the heart like a small hole in the heart or a spongy heart valve. More than half of the children with heart murmurs suffer from what is known as innocent heart murmur, which are murmurs that do not take place because of structural problems. Such heart murmurs are quite harmless and fade away with time.
However, in some cases heart murmurs can be indicative of congenital heart defect, strep infection or heart infection. In such cases, your physician may refer your child to a heart specialist.        

Innocent heart murmurs are not accompanied by other symptoms. If here are, a number of other symptoms such as breathlessness, chest pain, dizziness, fatigue, rapid heartbeat and fainting, then heart murmur can be considered as serious.

There are a number of tests through which serious systolic heart murmur can be diagnosed. They are chest x-ray, electrocardiogram or echocardiogram that checks for any anomalies in the heart structure.

After proper diagnosis, appropriate treatment is prescribed. While innocent heart murmurs do not warrant any action, in the case the heart murmur is indicative of something serious, surgery may be an option.