High Blood Pressure

The Common Symptoms Of Hypertension

High blood pressure or hypertension is a condition whereby blood pressure rises and stays above the normal blood pressure, that is, 120/80 mmHg. One of the most traumatic aspects of hypertension is that it hardly shows any symptoms until it has become chronic and has started taking its toll.

Hypertension generally is caused by too much muscle tone in the arteries, hardness of the arteries, kidney disorder, excess sodium or salt intake and physical and lifestyle changes such as stress, obesity, cigarette smoking, alcohol intake and too much physical activity or physical inactivity. Conditions like hypertension can damage your brain, eyes, kidney, heart and bones.

Here are some of the key hypertension symptoms that set the alarm bells ringing.

Hypertension symptoms
People who suffer from hypertension generally show the following symptoms.
1) Headaches
2) Dizziness
3) Blurred vision
4) Low libido or lack of sexual desire
5) Digestive upsets
6) Trembling
7) Lethargy
8) Noise in ears
9) Drowsiness
10) Confusion
11) Headache
12) Nausea
13) Loss of vision
14) Papilloedema
15) Tinnitus
16) Fatigue or confusion
17) Vision problems
18) Chest pain
19) Difficulty in breathing
20) Irregular heartbeat
21) Blood in urine

Prevention and treatment:
Hypertension can be prevented with the help of healthy diet, proper exercise, stress management, required lifestyle changes and adequate information about hypertension.

As for treatments, there are several treatments for hypertension. Medical treatment, dietary therapy, herbal medicine, meditation, yoga and Ayurvedic medicine are some of the treatments available for hypertension.