High Blood Pressure

What Are Some Symptoms Of High Blood Pressure?

In hypertension, blood pressure rises and tends to stay above the normal blood pressure. The most traumatic aspect of high blood pressure is that, it does not show symptoms, till it has become persistent. To know about "what are some symptoms of high blood pressure", read.

Symptoms of blood pressure can be listed as:
1) Headache
2) Coma
3) Dizziness
4) Sleepiness
5) Blurred vision
6) Noise in ears
7) Digestive upsets
8) Lethargy
9) Low libido
10) Trembling
11) Confusion
12) Nausea
13) Drowsiness
14) Vision Loss
15) Vision problems
16) Fatigue
17) Chest pain
18) Irregular heartbeat
19) Difficulty during breathing
20) Blood in urine

If you have any of these symptoms of high blood pressure, see a doctor immediately and get your blood pressure checked. Untreated high blood pressure can lead to serious diseases, including stroke, heart disease, kidney failure and eye problems. For treatment of high blood pressure, blood pressure medicine and blood pressure herbal remedy come as aids. Various blood pressure equipment like blood pressure charts and blood pressure monitors are indispensable, when it comes to gathering blood pressure information. Most of the cases are considered idiopathic, as underlying cause can not be determined. But, most people do not have specific hypertension symptoms such as excessive perspiration, irregular heartbeat, too much urination and general weakness.