Living With BP Problem

Why do Some Teens Fall Prey to Hypertension?

Hypertension in teens is something not unheard of. However high blood pressure in young age is least expected. There can be several preempting causes to this.

Hereditary reasons
One or both parents may pass on this illness to their children and so the reason is generally familial in nature. In such a case, parents need to be especially vigilant and undertake all requisite precautions so that the blood pressure in their teenaged children can remain under control.

Eating habits
Another reason that can cause hypertension in teens is because they eat too much junk food or meals that contain more than optimum amount of fats. In such cases, the hypertension in teens is because of cholesterol deposits in their blood vessels. Some children like a lot of salt in the food that they eat.

The excess of sodium in the body is associated with high blood pressure. Therefore, the need to control the intake of salt in the diet is mandatory if teens are to keep themselves protected from hypertension. Another associated factor that exacerbates hypertension is when adequate amount of potassium intake is lacking.

Diabetes can be an indirect cause of the gradual onset of hypertension in some children. The insulin deficiency can manifest itself in high blood glucose levels. As a result, the affected children cannot keep control over their eating habits. Sooner or later they become obese and that can later contribute to hypertension.

Sedentary lifestyle
Some children fall prey to hypertension in their teens because of the sedentary lifestyle that they lead. Not performing any dynamic activity makes them prone to high blood pressure. They like mentally intensive games like chess more than they like basketball or football. This inactivity affects their blood pressure as the fat stored in the body cannot be expended into energy. Being irregular in exercising also can contribute towards hypertension.

Smoking and Alcohol
Some teens take to heavy smoking as a habit. Smoking has been found to indirectly stimulate hypertension and exacerbate innate tendencies in some individuals. Once the habit takes hold on teens, it is difficult to wean them away from it. Another indirect cause of hypertension in teens is because of alcohol consumption.

Advice for Parents
Parents need to be very vigilant about the sort of food that their children eat and the sort of friends and the bad habits that they pick up from the latter. Parents need to train their children in being weight conscious and to make them know about the pitfalls associated with blood cholesterol or weight increasing foods.

They need to monitor insulin deficiency if any in their children because of its relation with hypertension, obesity, and coronary heart disease. The best thing that parents can do to help their children avoid or manage hypertension is to take them for regular visits to the doctor.

The doctor can check the children periodically and can then advise the requisite precautions for the children to take to avoid hypertension. If it has already manifested itself in the teens, the doctor can prescribe specific anti-hypertensive medication together with an exercise and diet control regime and certain precautions.