High Blood Pressure

High Blood Pressure Reading is Leading You to Big Trouble

High blood pressure is the state in which the pressure of blood is the highest and also known as systolic pressure, however, when the pressure is the lowest i.e. when the heart takes rest in between the beats it is referred to as diastolic pressure. High blood pressure is medically referred to as Hypertension, while generally people term it as the “Silent killer” because of the fact that it's symptoms are untraceable and by the time one discovers them, it is too late.

High blood pressure reading is usually done on the basis of the systolic and diastolic pressure.  Both of them are written together for example 120/90 mm Hg; the first one is the systolic pressure and the second is the diastolic pressure. These readings are generally termed as “120 over 90”. Another interesting thing about High blood pressure reading is that it is lowest during our sleep and is highest when we get excited, nervous or when adrenaline rises.

A normal reading is 120/80 mm Hg whereas if you have readings of 140/90mm Hg you have high blood pressure, and if your readings are lower than 120/80mm Hg, then you have low blood pressure. Pressures under 140/90mm Hg are termed as Prehypertension  (between 120 and 139) . It is not good to have a consistently low blood pressure and also we should take note of the fact that if one has prehypertension, he is very likely to develop high blood pressure.

In the above mentioned High blood pressure reading, there is an exception of people having diabetes and kidney diseases registering blood pressure of 130/80 mmhg is taken as higher.