High Blood Pressure

High Blood Pressure: Giving Way To A Chain Of Maladies

Blood pressure abnormality is quite common but not an easy to control malady. And, if not controlled well, it paves the way for a number of diseases. Comparatively, it's high blood pressure that plays the monster by giving way to dangerous diseases.

High blood pressure, if not noticed for a long time results in thickening of heart muscles and also tends to damage the brain. It may even lead to heart failure in certain severe cases. Asthma and Arthritis can either cause high BP or may in turn get affected by it. Changes in blood vessels of retina may also be an outcome of high blood pressure.

But, the damage caused to kidney vessels by high blood pressure has more dreadful consequences. As it often leads to kidney failure. Kidney's capacity to extract extra fluid from blood gets reduced due to high blood pressure. Presence of extra fluid in blood in turn increases blood pressure.

Risk of cardiovascular diseases and stroke is manifold with constant high blood pressure.

Atherosclerosis gravitates it's origin from high BP. It is the increased deposition of fat on artery walls. It narrows down arteries thus disrupting smooth flow of blood to the brain, kidney and other parts of the body. Although high blood pressure is an outcome of diabetes, if not taken care of it may worsen a diabetic's condition.