High Blood Pressure

Highblood Pressure

Highblood pressure or hypertension means having high pressure or tension in the arteries. Many people think excess emotional stress for long period of time may cause high blood pressure. Usually, your blood pressure levels go high when the pressure of your blood against the artery walls is too great to put strain on your blood vessels. To know about more causes of high blood pressure or what causes high blood pressure, read What Causes High Blood Pressure?

Hypertension or blood pressure is also known as silent killer because many a times, its damaging effects increase over time and may not become visible unless and until the blood pressure of a person goes shockingly high. The common symptoms of high blood pressure that you may observe during highblood pressure are headaches, dizziness, blurred vision, low libido or lack of sexual desire, digestive upsets and many more.

The causes of high blood pressure are usually unknown in majority of cases. Such type of hypertension is known as primary hypertension. Primary hypertension is generally caused due to family history, obesity, low levels of Nitric Oxide and diabetes. Highblood pressure due to medical problems is known as secondary hypertension.

The best ways to lower blood pressure or reduce your blood pressure is to adopt healthy life style along with proper high blood pressure medication. Buy high blood pressure monitor to check your blood pressure regularly and maintain blood pressure charts to keep it under control.