High Blood Pressure

How High Can Blood Pressure Go

High blood pressure or hypertension is very common nowadays. Although, a single cause for hypertension is not known, there are several risk factors that increase your chances of developing hypertension. The more risk factors a person has, the higher the associated risk of hypertension is. High blood pressure greatly increases your risk of a heart attack or stroke. Therefore, people are curious to know as to how high can blood pressure go and what severe consequences it may result in. To know more about high blood pressure information and the types and causes of high blood pressure, read Which Type Of High Blood Pressure Are You Suffering From?

In order to know how high can blood pressure go, you have to take several blood pressure readings to diagnose high blood pressure. Reading for blood pressure units for hypertension is generally felt to be abnormally high at a level of 140/90 mmHg. If you have crossed the limit, you should lower your blood pressure immediately.

In old time a person's pressure could go very high. But, nowadays, it is very uncommon. When people exercise, their blood pressure levels go up to the 160-210 mmHg range. But, if blood pressure levels remain this high, you need to take steps for controlling blood pressure as soon as you can.

24 hour blood pressure can cause heart attacks, stroke or even kidney failure. The best treatment of high blood pressure is to keep it under control. Therefore, adopt a good lifestyle to keep your blood pressure under control and don't wait to see how high can blood pressure go.