High Blood Pressure

Which Type Of High Blood Pressure Are You Suffering From?

There are many types of high blood pressure. But here are the prime ones:
Essential hypertension:
It is the most common type of high blood pressure. It has no identifiable or reversible cause.

Secondary hypertension:
Though rare, it has an identifiable and potentially reversible cause.

About 90 % of the people are affected by essential hypertension and only 5 % are affected by secondary hypertension. Apart from these two types of hypertension, there are some other types of hypertension as well.

White coat hypertension:
This type of essential hypertension is only found in doctors. It is usually detected using a technique called ambulatory monitoring. It is measured over a period of 24 hours. It does not make its sufferers nervous or neurotic.

About 20 % people afflicted with hypertension suffer from white coat hypertension. It is more common in older people and women.

Systolic hypertension:
Such type of hypertension is mainly caused by the age-related loss of elasticity of the major arteries. It is generally found in people over the age of 65.

Malignant hypertension:
As its name suggests, it is a very dangerous type of hypertension. It requires immediate treatment. It can damage your heart, brain, and kidneys which result in further elevation of the pressure.

Labile hypertension:
Also known as borderline hypertension, almost everyone with hypertension has labile hypertension. In this condition, the blood pressure of the patient is sometimes normal and sometimes high.

Pulmonary hypertension:
Pulmonary hypertension is generally a result of a disease of the lungs or heart. In this type of hypertension, the blood pressure in the arms and the rest of the body is almost normal or low.

Accelerated hypertension:
This type of hypertension has recently been detected. It is a very severe type of hypertension and may lead to malignant hypertension.

Renovascular hypertension:
Renovascular hypertension is caused by one or more narrowed renal arteries.

As the name indicates, it is false hypertension. Some people have very rigid arteries. The cuff, in this case, is unable to compress the artery, thus giving a false high blood pressure reading.

Despite the fact that there are so many types of hypertension, you have to remember the type you are diagnosed with. For, your hypertension condition requires a full treatment plan. This is important so that your high blood pressure does not develop unwarranted complications.