Low BP

A Synopsis On Low Blood Pressure

Blood pressure is a pressure applied to the walls of the arteries by the bloodstream as the heart pumps the blood through your body. When this pressure gets lower than the normal range, your blood pressure is said to be very low. But, as for normal range of blood pressure, there are not any definite parameters because the normal range of the blood pressure varies from person to person.

All the same 120/90 mmHg is believed to be the normal range of blood pressure. So, whenever the blood pressure goes below this level, it will be called as low blood pressure. Although low blood pressure is not as serious as high blood pressure, it can be lethal if left untreated for long.

Causes of hypotension:
It too creates so many complications like high blood pressure. Here are some common and clearly identified causes that might cause low blood pressure. These include:
1) Weakened heart contraction
Obstructed blood flow
2) Wide, dilated blood vessels
3) Side effects of other prescription or over–the–counter medications
4) Pregnancy
5) Endocrine disorders, diabetes, low blood sugar
6) Over dosage of drugs taken to control high blood pressure (hypertension)
7) Several types of heart disease
8) Numerous types of liver disease
9) Anemia
10) Crash diets

In addition to it, people can also experience sudden drop in blood pressure, in the following conditions:

A) Heavy menstrual periods
B) Very hot weather
C) Dehydration
D) Spending too much time in a hot tub, in the sun, or in a sauna
E) Sudden emotional setback

Symptoms of low blood pressure:
As far as the symptoms of low blood pressure are concerned, the symptoms of low blood pressure may or may not manifest them. The common symptoms generally include: feeling dizziness, palpitations, confusion, nausea, tiredness, general weakness, light-headedness, fainting, blurred vision and temporary loss of consciousness.

Complications of low blood pressure:
Hypotension too can create lethal complications if left uncared for long. It is true that the complications of low blood pressure are not as serious as the complications of high blood pressure, yet one should not make a light of it. Any type of hypotension can damage your life, be it postural hypotension or neurally mediated hypotension. You may have to suffer from dizziness, weakness, fainting and a risk of getting injured from falls.

If your blood pressure is severely low, it can damage your heart and brain in the long run. Also, if it is chronic, it may cause alzheimer's- type dementia.

Diagnosis of low BP:
There are various ways to measure blood pressure. There are a lot of digital and non-digital devices available to check blood pressure. In the measurement of the blood pressure, two numbers are taken into consideration. The first number is systolic and the second one is diastolic. Using an inflatable cuff, blood pressure is usually measured. The cuff is wrapped around the upper arm and then it is inflated. Doctor listens to the artery with the help of the stethoscope as the air is released. The first hearing of the heart beat is recorded as systolic pressure and when the sound disappears, it is recorded as diastolic pressure.

But blood pressure can be measured digitally. And as per the reading one is diagnosed with high, low or normal blood pressure.

Prevention and treatment for low BP:
With healthy diet, proper exercising and modification in lifestyle, low blood pressure can be easily prevented. As for the treatment, sometimes you may not have to take any treatment for the low blood pressure. But, whenever you need to go under treatment, your treatment will be focused on the underlying causes of the low blood pressure.