Blood Pressure And The Food That You Eat

What is Blood Pressure?
Blood pressure means the exertion of force by the blood circulating in the body on the blood vessels walls and the pressure is considered to slow down when there is a movement of the blood through arterioles, arteries, veins and capillaries.

A person who is suffering from high blood pressure tends to witness a high exertion of force by the circulating blood on the arteries and therefore proving to be a hurdle in the normal functioning of the blood.

Can foods help reduce your blood pressure?
Yes, definitely. Studies have revealed that some foods can prove to be helpful when it comes to reducing the blood pressure levels of the body. A qualified medical practitioner’s advice must be taken to derive the optimal benefits of the diet.

Eat foods high in potassium
Potassium is scientifically found to be vital to maintain blood pressure under check and is also beneficial in minimizing the risk of development of bone loss and kidney stones. The rich sources of potassium are potatoes, tomato juice, bananas, grapefruit juice and avocados.

Foods high in Sodium must be avoided
The consumption of Sodium results in narrowing of the human blood vessels which means that there is a resultant rise in the difficulty level for the human arteries when it comes to expansion thereby increasing the internal pressure within. Foods such as salted snack items, canned foods and cheeses must be strictly avoided.

Limit intake of Salt
Salt is scientifically believed to raise the level of blood pressure and therefore care must be taken to ensure that the intake of salt be minimized. Several salt substitutes that are nowadays available in the market can be used.

Use magnesium and calcium rich foods
Food items such as green beans, low-fat milk, spinach and broccolis which are high on calcium content must be taken. Food items such as sunflower seeds, legumes and navy beans which are high on magnesium content can also help reduce the risks related with blood pressure.

Thus, it can be easily concluded that diet plays a vital role in minimizing the blood pressure levels of the body. One must be vigilant enough to make sure the kind of diet that is most beneficial for him. The diet must be strictly followed and one must not fall to an unhealthy lifestyle or bad eating habits.