Cut Down On Sugary Drinks To Lower Your Blood Pressure

You do not have to try too hard to keep your blood pressure in control. There are several simple things like reducing your intake of sweetened drinks that can aid lower BP. Sweetened drinks like fruit punch, cold drinks, fruit drinks and even lemonade can wreck havoc with your blood pressure levels. Recent studies and researches have revealed that even a small reduction in the intake of sugary drinks can help bring down blood pressure levels significantly.

A recent study brought to the forefront the impact sweetened drinks can have on the blood pressure levels. In a 18 long month study, it was discovered that cutting down on a single can of sweetened beverage per day can help bring down the systolic blood pressure by 1.8 points and diastolic blood pressure by 1.1 points.

The group studied under this study already had a less consumption level of sweetened drinks. The average American intake of these sugary drinks is about 2.3 drinks per day. This means that people who consume high amount of sweet drinks can enjoy even higher reductions in their blood pressure by cutting down on these drinks.

Quite contrary to what many people believe, the relationship between sugary drinks and high blood pressure is not something new. In fact, the American Heart Association has always warned about the dangers of consuming high amounts of sugar and the impact it can have on the blood pressure levels. The latest study only strengthens the evidence that proves the relationship between high sugar levels in beverages and high blood pressure.

Considering the negative effect that excessive consumption of sugar can have on your blood sugar levels, it is only wise to scale back on your intake of sugary drinks. However, avoiding these sweetened beverages alone wouldn't be enough. You also need to minimize your intake of other sugar rich foods. As per the AHA, men should restrict their sugar intake to nine teaspoons per day. The recommended consumption is six teaspoons per day for women.

Sugar sweetened drinks have been at the centre of controversy for quite some time now. They not just elevate your blood pressure levels but are also known to be accompanied with various health risks. Thus, it is in your best interest to scale back on their consumption. Go in for natural drinks instead. Try fresh fruit juices without any added sugar. Juices of vegetables also work just as well. These natural drinks will not just help regulate your blood pressure levels but also promote overall health.

So, what are you waiting for? Say no to sweetened drinks and keep your blood pressure in control.