Eat Healthy To Keep Your Blood Pressure under Control

Blood pressure patients need to pay a lot of attention to what they eat. Those suffering from the problem of blood pressure should take care of their meals, components, ingredients and the nutrient content included in their daily food intake.

Calcium rich food items are known to keep high blood pressure under control. Generally, Calcium is included in products such as cereal grains and milk. Peas are also known to be rich in calcium. An increased intake of the pointed things will reduce the elevated blood pressure of the patient quite easily.
The victims of high blood pressure should-

- avoid the intake of alcohol at every cost.
- follow a fat free diet.
- avoid too much protein in case of chronic high blood pressure.
- avoid smoking.
- limit their salt intake.
- eat fresh vegetables often.
- try to minimize the intake of extra calories.
- keep away from soda.
 - avoid eating salted fish or canned food items.

As opposed to hypertension, the patients of hypotension are the ones suffering from abnormally low blood pressure. They must take the following dietary guidelines in consideration.

- The first essential thing is to regulate salt intake. One should include it in his meals because this would help raise blood pressure to the normal level.
- Vitamin B and C are very helpful nutrients in the treatment of low blood pressure and so they must be consumed in the required amounts.
- Fruits like bananas should be made a part of the dietary modifications since they increase the blood pressure naturally.
- Milk is another good option which should be included in one's diet to keep the blood pressure at normal levels.
- Water is a wonder drug readily available for the treatment of low blood pressure patients. One must drink as much water as possible as that would increase the volume of blood in the body.
- Avoid eating instant made food items namely, rice and noodles.
- Frozen vegetables are better than the canned ones so prefer going for them.
- Sodium is highly recommended and soups rich in sodium content are a must have.
Diet is an important aspect which helps keep the blood pressure under control. So, keep a tab on what you eat so your blood pressure neither goes too high or too low.