Energy Drinks elevate your blood pressure

Energy drinks are a concoction of various ingredients that supposedly provide the drinker with a surfeit of energy. These drinks are manufactured and marketed by big companies and sold with fancy names and labels that sound really enticing and make you want to pick up a can and gulp it down or mix it with a drink to make an invigorating cocktail.

These drinks contain ingredients such as sugar in the form of sucrose or glucose, caffeine, amino acids, B-Vitamins and herbs such as ginseng or Gingko biloba. These ingredients supposedly combine to provide an energy boost. There is not much scientific evidence to support the usefulness of the herbs found in energy drinks.

Whatever the truth behind energy drinks, one thing is becoming increasingly clear. These drinks are targeted at the younger generation and contain substances that may be detrimental to health.

A little bit of caffeine consumption is quite ok. Caffeine helps us to focus and to stay alert. Remember that caffeine is an addictive substance. Energy drinks are simply loaded with caffeine. An excess of caffeine results in a number of side effects. Excess caffeine causes nervousness, accelerated heart beat and an increased rate of metabolism.

The caffeine in these dinks also causes a sudden spurt in the blood pressure. This has been substantiated by research carried out by Wayne State University in the year 2007 and presented at the American Heart Association’s (AHA) scientific session in Orlando Florida in the year 2007.

The issue that worries parents, doctors and the medical community is that both the herbal stimulants and caffeine combine to increase the blood pressure immediately after an energy drink is consumed.

Amino acids such as taurine, normally found in fish and meat also have a significant role in elevating blood pressure. Who needs amino acids in energy drinks, anyway? There is enough protein that is already available in the foods that we eat.

It is time that we stopped drinking beverages that provide us instant energy. Regular exercise, a healthy diet and a healthy lifestyle will not only provide us with loads of energy, but also help to keep our blood pressure in check.